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7 Ogos 2019

Traditional Funeral Flowers | Little Flower Hut


As Salam and greetings to dear readers.

Traditional Funeral Flowers | Little Flower Hut. 

One way to show your concern and sympathy to the bereaved family for the loss of a loved one is by sending or by giving the gift of flowers. Funeral flowers are appropriate for this sad situation. There are plenty of choices for Flower Delivery and your Florist can help you pick the best type of traditional funeral flowers to convey and express your condolences and sympathy. Here are the most appropriate types of flowers traditionally used for the funerals.


  •  Lilies
Lilies are one of the universal flowers that can be used for about any occasions. Moreover, this flower is also a traditional funeral flower because it symbolizes restored innocence. Its colour, beauty, and endurance also make it an ideal flower to use on funeral basket, casket sprays, and standing sprays. The flower shop has appropriate design created by the florist for this purpose.
  •  Gladioli
Symbolic of strength, moral integrity, and good character, the flowers of Gladioli are also ideal for funeral flowers. A flower arrangement of Gladioli offers a message of honour and tribute to the deceased person and conveys message of sympathy to the family left behind.
  • Chrysanthemums
To other countries like Spain, France, and Hungary, the only flower they have for funerals is the flower of Chrysanthemums. This flower is also widely used in Asia to symbolize grief. In Singapore, the online florist creates beautiful designs and arrangements of funeral flowers using chrysanthemums to show positive tribute to the deceased person.


  •    Carnations
Carnations are a very popular choice when it comes to funeral flowers. The pink ones symbolize loving remembrance and memories while the white carnations speak of purity and love. Sending or giving a florist delivery of Carnations in appropriate design is a thoughtful way of expressing sympathy and condolences to the family. 
  •    Peace Lily Plant
The flower of Peace Lily Plant symbolizes harmony and peace, as well as innocence after death. It is best given as plant in pot or planter. 
  •    Orchids
The flowers of Orchids are used widely for funeral flowers and sympathy flowers. The white Orchids symbolize eternal love while the pink and violet ones speak of mourning.

These traditional funeral flowers are suitable for special Flower Delivery of funeral flowers. They are symbolic of the peace and rest and eternal love that the family wishes for as they face the grief and as they mourn for the loss of a love one. 

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  1. cantiknya gubahan bunga itu.. gabungan warna yang lembut..

  2. kekadang tengok bunga2 ni, hilang sekejap rasa sedih..mostly non-Muslim yg bagi2 bunga, kita tabur2 bunga di pusara..

    selalu tengok dlm drama korea, bunga punyalah banyak time wake, mostly white lilies..

  3. Tumpang lalu aje
    Tak berapa reti baca ompputih

  4. Untuk upacara pengkebumian pun guna bunga-bunga nie yer...

  5. berseni betul tangan yg mengubah bunga2 ni

  6. Good info, thank you for sharing..

  7. oh baru tahu gubahan dan pemilihan bunga untuk upacara macam ni.

  8. tak pernah tahu pun bab bunga ni. kdang2 tabur di pusara pakai air biasa saja + daun pandan

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